Week 24, my last scheduled salad seeding of the year! A pretty…

Week 24, my last scheduled salad seeding of the year!

A pretty good mixed salad harvest this week at about 300g, and we are now fully converted to the new system of longer growing time, although it’ll be a few weeks now until we get another salad harvest.

In the meanwhile, the allotment is still happily pumping out carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, chard and the odd early celeriac. I am starting to notice a lot more brown bits and a slow down of growing time though, which is definately indicating the end of summer (which I am assured did actually happen at some point this year, in between the rain).

Learning experiences: it might be worth swapping the fall tatsoi (baby bok choi) and spring spinach to be the other way round, as I am just finding little green brassica munching caterpillars over everything right now. Also, open air brandywine style tomatoes that are direct seeded I just don’t think can get all the way to maturity at a decent rate around here. I think I’ll get some, but a lot are still very green or going brown and are just looking pretty sorry for themselves. Chin up, tomatoes.