Happy New Year!!

well so far 2018 has been a bit meh! Dull grey and damp and that’s just me. On the plus side its not been hellishly cold but I wish it was brighter, even if that did mean it was a few degrees colder. On the lottie front things have been a bit neglected but I am making a start – clearing debris, tidying up and generally trying to get a grip. 

Seed Potatos…….treated myself to a late Christmas present of a bit of quality staging – ultimately for the greenhouse when it arrives, but for now in the conservatory. Potatoes are out in their trays for chitting and the onion sets are in their modules. Potato varieties are Belle de Fontenay, Rooster and a few Swift. The onion sets are Centurion and (red) Piroska. Also treated us to a Tahiti Lime tree which should fill the conservatory with scent when the flowers open (and there is already a lime on it…. G&T ahoy!).

Also a big shout out to fellow allotment nutters who have a terrific blog  http://www.allotmental.blog/