Late March, 2018. Less than a week until the f…

Late March, 2018. Less than a week until the first direct seeding at the plot.

My indoor propagators are showing incredible growth. The problem? I’ve not actually planted anything in them! I sourced the compost from a pile at the new plot as an experiment (well, I was trying to be cheap, really), but I have now ordered some proper compost that will work for me a bit better. I am starting off my sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes indoors to be transfered outdoors in May.

Also pictured, 300 fruit plants! In all of their muscled, slow motion glory, much like the movie of the same name. I have managed to plant the 100 raspberry canes, but I still have 200 strawberry plants to tuck in. When they are up and running I should have production all the way from May (although maybe not this first year) to late October.

Regular weekly posts coming back next week as we kick off the growing season!