Week 2 of my 2018 growing season. Many things…

Week 2 of my 2018 growing season.

Many things! First, I have planted up another 5 beds at the plot. It was the same salad crops as last week again (spicy mix: rocket, mustard, mizuna and spring mix: lettuce, kale, tatsoi), but also my first bed of radishes for the year. The first harvest is 5 weeks away.

Next, as shown by the second image, some plants grow quicker than others. Who knew, right? My first big learning experience for next year – stagger my indoor sowing dates. From left to right: peppers that have yet to germinate, tomatoes that are about an inch tall, cucumbers about 2 inches tall, and courgettes I could nearly tie a hammock to. Next year – sow peppers week 1, tomatoes week 2, cucumbers week 3 and courgettes week 4. That way they are all (hopefully) about the same mass for when it is time to transplant outside.

Finally, I have an another (3rd) plot at the allotments! The guy the other side of the fence to plot 2 (the salad plot) doesn’t want to carry on, so they asked if I was interested. I am! No real idea what for yet, but I’m thinking some of the fun (and to be honest, less efficient) things I’ve been meaning to try out like bees, mead, cut flowers, grain, woven willow fences, a lily pond, a time machine. You know, the basics.