Week 3 of the 2018 growing season. Green thin…

Week 3 of the 2018 growing season.

Green things! The salad plot has been so brown lately from all of the site preparation (shovelling off the grass top, forking, tilling, shaping, then raking. Over and over.) so it was really nice spotting all the green bits starting to spring up. Just another bed of radishes seeded this week, and 4 more weeks until we’re harvesting.

Also, mushrooms! I’m pretty confident they are inedible, but I feel like it’s a good sign that the soil is pretty health in the soft fruit and medicine plot, and is probably a result of the big bark mulch up a few weeks back. Lots of green happening there too, which is a relief after the grand rearranging of half of the plants over winter.

Off site, I’ve been doing lots of admin. I’m hoping to scale up my content with a better quality camera, gradually working towards video content over the summer. If you enjoy the blog then we are now set up to receive donations through PayPal, which are very appreciated ( paypal.me/TheLandThatFeeds ), and in time I’m sure we’ll enjoy honeyed mead in Valhalla together.