Week 4. Sunny days and digging stuff this wee…

Week 4.

Sunny days and digging stuff this week. The salad plot (pictured above) is pretty well held together now, and with only one new seeding this week of dill – the first of the year.

The courgettes I started indoors were practically sprouting legs and walking off, so they have been planted down at the plot now. Already at 4 weeks old they had little flowers starting to appear. The cucumbers will have to be next week too. Thankfully it doesn’t look like frost is going to be an issue any more though, based on the fully summer-ish weather this week!

Next jobs – a little weeding and tidying, and making some solid progress on the newest plot. We’re digging out a natural pond, planting grain rye for sourdough bread and beehive straw, and getting new beds ready for perennial cut flowers.