Yay!!! a dry morning!

Sunday morning up at the allotment, without wet weather gear. I got a reasonable amount done but still a lot to do. Everyone is behind at the moment because of the wet weather we have had. However, spring is definitely here so time to get the carrots sorted. Three rows sown, one row each of “atomic red” “purple sun” and “early nantes 2″ I shall plant another row of each in about a month or so. In time honoured fashion I shall also plant spring onions between the rows to confuse & deter carrot fly, but I suspect with a fleece or mesh cover it’s a bit unnecessary.

Blossom time :- it is always heartening to see blossom on my fruit trees, a promise of fruit to come, assuming the pollinators are doing their job.

Talking of fruit – there are actual baby gooseberries on my “invicta” cordons!! Jam ahoy!