Week 6 of the 2018 growing season. Nearly tim…

Week 6 of the 2018 growing season.

Nearly time for the first harvest, and then it will be a harvest every week until Halloween (hopefully!). The schedule says next week for a cut, so I’m really hoping the plants mature a bit over the next few sunny days. The general idea is that it’s harvest time when the green row lines just blob together to make a carpet, so not quite there yet!

Cherry tomatoes transplanted in this week, and I’ve already strung then up which definately makes them look a lot cooler. All the cucumbers though are definately gone, either from wind, cold or both. I have seeded another batch (that are just starting to germinate), for another go in a few weeks. I’ve been adding windbreaks to get ready for it, and I will definately go straight in with stringing up rather than waiting. I also ended up burying the loose end of string under the tomato transplants which has added a lot of structure. The courgettes are all looking pretty happy too. Everybody loves a happy courgette.