Week 7. First (mini) harvest of the year! The…

Week 7.

First (mini) harvest of the year! There’s plenty more salad for cutting, but I held back for two reasons; next week I’m back on the low carb diet (basically it turns out to sort of be a keto diet, but it’s something I thought up back in college when I was in a nutrition class: less than 2000 calories and 50g carbs in a day) for which a ton of salad would be super useful, but also because I’ve noticed that I am still getting the same quantity of mature leaves as last year’s wicking box system, but their overall size is much smaller. This could be for a ton of reasons, so to start with I’m just observing what another weeks worth of growth will do.

Specifically, this week I harvested 70g of radishes, and 170g of mixed salad. The bags I picked up for holding the salad could easily fit a 300g portion, but I think that selling them in 100g portions (and in smaller bags) is going to be an easier sale. The taste is pretty much the same as the box system as well, which is good, but we have noticed a few more bite marks now that the salad is grown out in the open.