The transformation of the newest (3rd) 100sqm …

The transformation of the newest (3rd) 100sqm plot, starting from the end of March 2018 to now (May 2018).

From the bottom upwards (2nd image), the site features a small fruit orchard/food forest and play equipment for my tiny humans, 6 perennial cut flower beds and a long row for a rose hedge (yet to be planted) which encloses a lawn space.

Past this is an area dedicated to fibre plants, currently raising grain rye, and leads on to what will be a wildlife lily pond enclosed by bamboo (yet to be planted). The pond will be established (experimentally) with a “gleying” method, which will involve lots of muddy puddle stomping with some horse manure and/or vegetable oil thrown in to make a “natural” pond liner.

Lastly, there is an area for beekeeping shown in the top left, a shed I hope to use for brewing mead and drying herbs, and a small growing space in the top right for a few experimental crops.

This brings me joy.