Week 9 of my 2018 growing season (part 1 of 2)…

Week 9 of my 2018 growing season (part 1 of 2).

That’s right, a two part-er. Many things!

I am pretty sure I have more salad in my body than I do blood at this point. It looks like I start to struggle (even on the low carb diet) after about 500g of salad mix a week. I’ve got about 300g of last weeks spring mix left still, and I turned most of the spicy mix roughly into a pesto (which is not too bad, I mixed in some olives and parmesan too which works pretty well).

Then, harvested this week, about 1.6kg of spring mix (which is mostly from lettuce, which is a real turn around from last year), about 400g of spicy mix which has gone really woody, and 400g of radishes. I have noticed a general reduction in leaf size (other than the lettuce, which is a beast), which I suspect is from spacing too closely, but I also suspect that I need to water more; not just directly to feed the plants, but also to take the edge off of the heat to hopefully slow down the salad bolting (flowering) which turns them to sticks. Alternatively, I think I could use shade cloth, but it would be a bit of a hassle to install and could cost hundreds to cover everything.

All 5 beds were clear harvested, which looks like it is going to really going to push the compost pile as there was easily a wheelbarrow full of old stems, and I reseeded the beds with the same crops. Although, instead of tatsoi, I am starting the seeding of the summer mix leaf which is leafbeet (from baby bull’s blood beetroot), and I also planted a new bed of chioggia beetroot (the white and purple ringed one, which is way less messy to eat).

Next in part 2, I will be having a go at selling! I have washed the spring mix and left it to dry in a net sack tied to the garden apple tree (the standard approach), and I will then be bagging it up and setting up a small front garden honesty stand for the morning, and just see what happens really.