Week 9 of my 2018 growing season (part 2 of 2)…

Week 9 of my 2018 growing season (part 2 of 2).

Selling! After mostly drying out the spring salad mix (I ended up having to swing the bag around a bit to “spin” a lot of the water out), I bagged it up in 100g portions (about two heaped handfuls), enough for about 3 or 4 main salad meals or a bunch of side salads. I had an unused cold frame, a fold out table and a chalk board lying around which functioned as the market stall, with our external locked letter box acting as the cash tin.

Pretty good (easy) setup, but sadly it didn’t really sell much today (£5 worth, or 3 bags). The boys absolutely loved it though, they were pretending to be “shopkeepers” all morning, so I definately think that this will be a weekly thing now regardless of how much actually gets sold. I am going to play around with the table/frame design to see if I can get something a little more effective at selling.