The clean-up continues. Not surprisingly the a…

The clean-up continues. Not surprisingly the allotment has been a bit neglected while Mrs M and I get to grips with our new bungalow (going really well actually, thanks for asking) but I have spent more time on it lately and I really feel that I am making progress. The weeds are still growing but not quite as much as they were.

The broad beans are just about ready for a first pick-over and I have been gifted a couple of butternut squashes (thanks Andy) and they have been planted out. The variety is “hunter” which I have grown before and gives a very tasty squash.

My garlic is doing well and not far off being ready to harvest. The spuds are really putting a spurt on as well. The early varieties “swift” and “ belle de fountenay” are probably only a month or so away from harvest.

And finally the beetroot have gone in (a variety called “detroit red”) and my sweetcorn are looking really settled and ready to start shooting up, as they do. The netting can probably come off in a few days as it was only there to stop the pigeons pulling the young plants up.