Week 11. The spring mix made it to a shop! Th…

Week 11.

The spring mix made it to a shop! The local corner shop said they would try a batch (10 x 100g bags) and let me know what they think. The restaurant up the road tell me they use an aggregator company (they buy from many growers and sell it on) for their produce, so I am contacting them to see if I can supply them to some degree. I am also going to message the nursing home and primary school too. Otherwise, the little salad stall out the front made a weighty £2.

I ended up cutting next weeks salad for this week, as the beds assigned for cutting this week were half the size. I feel this is to do with both the soil quality (from previous use) but also the orientation of the plot. 2.1kg of spring mix, 1kg of good spicy mix, and 400g of good radishes. There is definately a missing ingredient to the salad growing recipe that was added on these particular beds, and I suspect it is a combination of shading and surface heat/watering. Interestingly, though, the tatsoi in this area was butchered by bird damage, perhaps also indicating.. something.

There has been lots of weeding going on, and I suspect I am going to add another compost chamber to the existing pallet composter as there’s just such a mass of plant matter now. Soft fruit season is properly starting now too, and even some of the weird ones I planted (like the wineberry) seem to be coming along great.