Garlic picking has begun. I have been growing …

Garlic picking has begun. I have been growing several different varieties this year for no other reason than the mixed pack was a good saving over the other options. The variety I am most pleased with is called “bohemian wight”and is giving me some large bulbs with excellent purple/rose colour. I hope they are as tasty as they look.

My beetroot are looking healthy and (so far at least) free of insect damage. They are a variety called “detroit red”.

Sweetcorn update! They came through “Storm Hector” OK just one had keeled over so I have supported it with a bit of cane. It may or may not survive. These are “marshall’s honeydew improved” and are making sturdy plants.

Chrysanthemum planting time. Last year was not brilliant – I ended up with a few decent plants but for the most part I was disappointed with the flowers I was able to cut. Trying to be a bit more organised this year and given the young plants a bed of their own! These are a combination of rooted cuttings from my own plants and some gifted plants from another plot-holder (thanks Doug).