Week 16 of the growing season. The seeds are …

Week 16 of the growing season.

The seeds are fine, it’s just too freaking dry! Over concerns about the awful germination rates (as in, like, next to nothing growing in the last few weeks) I worried that the shed became so hot as to cook the seeds. Nope, the seeds are fine. Frustratingly I cannot water the plot any more than I am currently, and I anticipate that efforts to mechanise the watering (sprinklers and a timer) would annoy people. This drought is unusual, but unusual is increasingly occuring. I am now turning to design to help provide shade to hopefully reduce evaporation next year. Shade cloth is one option, but costly. Currently I am thinking of growing new potatoes, winter squash or basil as a yield producing shade provider.

No salad harvest this week due to poor germination, but the transplants are taking names and kicking ass at the moment. 50 x 50g baby courgettes, and 15 x 50g cucumbers (50g per week seems to be the average gain from flower to fruit over that time), and 250g of dill. £9 from the salad stall, best week yet! I think there is a magnetism provided by crop diversity when it comes to the stall. Restaurants and catering is totally the way to go for bulk (specialised) salad growing income, but for the low hanging fruit of an (unstaffed) honesty stall – diversity is definitely the route. I feel, for now, that aiming for diversity and getting a solid base of a few hundred pounds a year will be more context appropriate than bulk restaurant greens. As a full time carer, a parent of small humans and a vehicle-less muggle, I just don’t see it happening in the next year alone. So, more species and more transplants next year I feel!