Catching up with the allotment.

It seems ages since my last posting and truth be told I have not been paying as much attention to the allotment this year as I would normally. Couple of factors my new garden at the bungalow and the extreme weather. I really don’t like working in the heat we have been experiencing. However, I have started doing an early morning visit, before the day heats up and that has helped enormously.

the plot is still looking remarkably green and although I half expected a burnt waste-land when we came back from our holiday (lovely thanks for asking. Icelandic weather suits me).

I wasn’t going to bother with courgettes this year but I was given a couple of plants and they are doing well – this one in particular looks to have a few flowers coming. They are not guaranteed to become a courgette obviously – but promising. My parsnips are looking good as well after I thinned them out a little.

My onions are ready to pick and despite them bolting they look reasonably sound. Probably make chutney rather than attempt to store them this year. The sweetcorn is progressing well – flowers and silks starting to appear!

This morning’s haul! Lovely! The blackberry bush yielded up 600g of fruit, not bad considering I didn’t net the bush against birds. Perhaps they were too full after eating ALL my jostaberries!