Week 17 of the 2018 growing season. A sign of…

Week 17 of the 2018 growing season.

A sign of the end times! The start times of the salad stall too, and other stuff. Thanks go to the wife for the design and ordering, which should hopefully turn up next week.

A little less dry this week which has been better, but still pretty dry overall. I’m keeping an eye out, but I am fairly confident that there’s going to be no signs of life from the majority of the beds. They just got too dried out in between watering. However, I am restablishing the wicking boxes used over my 2017 growing season, but in their new home up at the latest allotment plot. The hope is that as they have a water reservoir at the bottom, that it will help buy me some time in between waterings – enough to grow a baseline of salad mix for the rest of the season, fingers crossed.

400g of salad mix, which is sadly looking like it will reduce even further until the wicking boxes produce in 6 weeks, 1.6kg of cucumbers, and 2.6kg of courgettes. £5 from the salad stall (3 boxes of courgettes). One of the courgettes in particular I must have just missed up until now, and had turned into a beast. The beast has been slain, and roasted with cheese, chicken and bacon. You’re welcome.