Week 18. Rain! The mix of crazy sun and crazy…

Week 18.

Rain! The mix of crazy sun and crazy rain, although existentially terrifying, seems to be brilliant for cucumbers and courgettes, which have performed great this week. The salad stall sign has arrived too, which I am very happy with, and we’ve had the first few drips of tomatoes coming in as well.

A tiny 250g of salad mix and 100g of dill, but 1kg of tomatoes, 2.5kg (plus a 1kg and a .5kg beasts) courgettes, and a fist pumpingly impressive 4.5kg of cucumbers. The rain is very welcome, but I suspect after it passes that the sudden dry to wet soil may have caused a lot of the wired trellis at the allotment to have collapsed, so that’s a job to look forward to. £10 in from the salad stall too, which was an after hours job lot as the rain deterred a lot of the regulars in the morning.

This coming week, I shall mostly be eating cucumbers.