Week 19 of the 2018 growing season. It’…

Week 19 of the 2018 growing season.

It’s the start of blackberry and plum season now, and the tomato plants are reliably producing every week. Still waiting on the sweet peppers but after that there should be the full range of crops available. The wicking box salad successions are coming along nicely too.

2.9kg of cucumbers (about half of which were massive ones that won’t fit in the selling boxes – I think I’ll try and find a smaller Persian cucumber variety next year), 2.4kg of tomatoes (half sellable, half were splitting from the weather), 2.3kg of courgettes and 400g of mixed lettuce. Plenty to sell in the salad stall, but I hadn’t counted on them resurfacing the road outside all day, which looks like it massively lowered foot traffic and resulted in only £2 of sales (a box of tomatoes).