Week 22 of the 2018 growing season.

Birthday watermelon cake! Perhaps the most incredible thing I’ve learnt over the past year (and arguably my 20s as a whole) is that you can turn a watermelon into a cake; essentially just by covering it in cream. Also, peak foraging season! There’s, blackberries, elderberries, apples, and plums all over the hedgerows. Tasty.

3kg of tomatoes, 2.8kg courgettes, 2.3kg cucumbers, and 400g of salad mix. Also a pepper, some (300g) beetroot and some (400g) radishes. Sweet peppers are just too slow to do anything so I don’t think I’ll grow them again, at least not outdoors. I think I need to give the beetroot a lot more space next year too, as they were all pretty tiny still (about 25g each beetroot, with a goal of over 50g each in the same growing time) even after about 13 weeks of growth. £10 in for a bulk collection of produce. I think the regulars are all on holiday. Or dead. I’m figuring it’s 50/50 at this point.