Week 26.

Late season strawberries! Left to their solitude due to the darker and rainier days this week, the Flamenco strawberry row surprised us with about a kilogramme of strawberries over the weekend. A modest harvest for the 100 odd plants in the row, but they were only planted this year so I’m pretty proud of them for settling in so well.

A really good tomato week, coming in at 3.5kg (2/3rds of which were splitting free, so the best ones yet), 2kg of cucumbers, 800g of sweet peppers and again of radishes, and 200g of beans and again of a few tiny courgettes. I think the courgettes are pretty much done for the year now, and I think will definitely need a second succession next year. £5 in from the salad shop. Most of my winter prep tools have been delivered now, so I’ll be getting to pruning, weeding and tarping.. eventually. Just like the plot, I can definitely feel myself turning in for the year now. The end of my growing season is marked by Halloween, which is fast approaching. Nearly there!