Weeks 27, 28 and beyond.

Crazy hectic few weeks! We’ve had engineers and plumbers and all sorts going on around the house, but (fingers crossed) all sorted now. Meanwhile, at the allotment, the cold nights have pretty much shut down production for the year. Next year I think I will definitely have two transplanting windows, as the later and more vigorous plants have been able to shake off the worst of it.

On week 27: 3.2kg of tomatoes, 1.2kg of cucumbers, 400g of courgettes and a few beets, radishes and a pepper. £5 in from the salad shop.

Week 28: 2.4kg of tomatoes, 800g of cucumbers and of courgettes, and a few more beets, radishes, carrots and another solitary pepper. I decided to formally close the salad shop for the year this week, as the current yields are just about enough for our personal use.

Going forwards, I’ll be pulling everything up at the allotment for the kitchen or the compost pile, tarping over the salad plot and barking over the perennial plots.