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Looks like a lovely morning – ideal allotment …

however I shall be giving it a miss today as I have more pressing things to do at the moment – like painting our newly refurbished bathroom for instance!

I have been busy on the seeds and sowing front though. My pepper, chilli and tomato seedlings are doing very nicely. I have a couple of varieties of peppers and a couple of varieties of chilli, ”cayenne” & “jalapeño”. Neither of them is too stupidly hot as I like the taste of a fresh chilli rather than the burn.

I have seedlings for 7 different varieties of Tomato including the “estamino” rootstock for my grafting experiment. Venerable varieties like “gardener’s delight”,“marmande” and “tigeralla” are represented as well as some more recent favourites like “sungold”.

A bright start this morning so out on the Lott…

A bright start this morning so out on the Lottie for a couple of hours. ….Planting out onions. Six rows of “centurion” white and 3 rows of “piroska” red onion. Netted to protect from marauding pigeons. By mid-day it had got cloudy and quite cold again. Still, spring is definitely coming in.

“Blinding me with science……” Gra…

“Blinding me with science……” Grafted tomatoes are supposed to give improved vigour, disease resistance and higher yields. So I thought I might have a go at growing some. I have the rootstock “Estamino” and a few (?) different varieties to use as the graftee. I will be relying on youtube guides for the grafting methodology but hope to bring you updates as they occur. 

A pleasant surprise on a bright but cool Monda…

A pleasant surprise on a bright but cool Monday morning. Wonderful dwarf Iris in flower. Spring cannot be far away.

Another bed emptied of weeds and a few turnips. And here is one I did earlier covered with plastic to warm the soil and keep weeds at bay while the onions get a head start in the conservatory.

And the tidy up continues……

Lovely morning up at the allotment this mornin…

Lovely morning up at the allotment this morning. Still tidying up but also had time to plant a new fruit bush. Possibly a red currant, possibly not, watch this space.

Yay! a dry(ish) day at last!

Today started out quite bright and looked as if it might stay reasonably dry so I decided to spend an hour or two on the lottie. I have cut down last years raspberry canes (Joan J an autumn fruiting variety) and cleared the area around the plants ready for a mulch. My carrot bed is also now empty and has been fortified with some compost and 6X fertiliser ready for use as one of this year’s Onion beds. 

The master plan……..

I have covered over my purple sprouting broccoli again as the pigeons are ripping the new leaves plus it’s a good job I covered the broad beans from the start as they would probably have suffered as well. Bloody pigeons!!

A late Christmas present – courtesy of Gardene…

A late Christmas present – courtesy of Gardeners World subscription ( which was itself a Christmas gift) a classy set of kneelers! Thanks Santa! 

Happy New Year!!

well so far 2018 has been a bit meh! Dull grey and damp and that’s just me. On the plus side its not been hellishly cold but I wish it was brighter, even if that did mean it was a few degrees colder. On the lottie front things have been a bit neglected but I am making a start – clearing debris, tidying up and generally trying to get a grip. 

Seed Potatos…….treated myself to a late Christmas present of a bit of quality staging – ultimately for the greenhouse when it arrives, but for now in the conservatory. Potatoes are out in their trays for chitting and the onion sets are in their modules. Potato varieties are Belle de Fontenay, Rooster and a few Swift. The onion sets are Centurion and (red) Piroska. Also treated us to a Tahiti Lime tree which should fill the conservatory with scent when the flowers open (and there is already a lime on it…. G&T ahoy!).

Also a big shout out to fellow allotment nutters who have a terrific blog

No frost overnight and a mild sunny morning. S…

No frost overnight and a mild sunny morning. So a few hours at the allotment. Broad beans (aquadulce claudia) now planted out and netted to keep the pesky pigeons off.
Probably last visit before Christmas. Have a great time everyone.

It’s that time of the year again!! Planning an…

It’s that time of the year again!!
Planning and rotating crops is a task for the winter months, although I already have onions in and broad beans ready to plant out.