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It’s been a while. Latest lottie news. Broad beans now in. Two lots sown in root trainers Aquadulce Claudia ready to grow overwinter.

The clean-up continues. Not surprisingly the a…

The clean-up continues. Not surprisingly the allotment has been a bit neglected while Mrs M and I get to grips with our new bungalow (going really well actually, thanks for asking) but I have spent more time on it lately and I really feel that I am making progress. The weeds are still growing but not quite as much as they were.

The broad beans are just about ready for a first pick-over and I have been gifted a couple of butternut squashes (thanks Andy) and they have been planted out. The variety is “hunter” which I have grown before and gives a very tasty squash.

My garlic is doing well and not far off being ready to harvest. The spuds are really putting a spurt on as well. The early varieties “swift” and “ belle de fountenay” are probably only a month or so away from harvest.

And finally the beetroot have gone in (a variety called “detroit red”) and my sweetcorn are looking really settled and ready to start shooting up, as they do. The netting can probably come off in a few days as it was only there to stop the pigeons pulling the young plants up.

Summer was nice while it lasted…..

Starting to get a bit dodgy again weather-wise but today wasn’t so bad when the sun came out and if you managed to get out of the wind you could almost imagine it was balmy.

I recently bought 5 new gooseberry bushes “invicta” a firm favourite as it gives lovely tart berries just right for cooking and jam making. I have reduced to bushed to three stems which I shall grow as cordons. I have found it to be a low maintenance high-yield method of growing this fruit.

I gave my garlic bed a tidy up – it had got a bit weedy but seems to have withstood the vagaries of our “spring” weather. Added a few shallots as well to fill in a few gaps.

The broad beans “aquadulce claudia” arent lookingb brilliant, so I have uncovered them to allow in pollinators and gave them a bit of a feed. There are some gaps which I shall fill in with a crimson flowered variety I have already sown into root trainers.

It’s been a while but an old friend is back. F…

It’s been a while but an old friend is back. Following the resurgence of the Tigers and to mark their return to a top 4 place in the premiership I have re-mounted the flag on my allotment shed. Unfortunately the wind is coming from the wrong direction for the full effect. 

Talking of allotments – I have a lot of catching up to do.


My broad beans are starting to flower – which strikes me as being a bit early!…But thats not the only sign that spring is well and truly on its way.


Raspberry shoots are appearing in the beds, here’s hoping for a bumper crop of the most fantastically aromatic and tasty fruit.


Here is another tasty crop. The purple sprouting broccoli are finally here. They were stripped of green leaf by pigeons a couple of months a go but they have recovered well and starting to give a decent crop of one of my favourite veggies.


Together with a few rhubarb sticks from under my forcing bucket. the makings of a lovely dinner. Yummmmmmm!

No frost overnight and a mild sunny morning. S…

No frost overnight and a mild sunny morning. So a few hours at the allotment. Broad beans (aquadulce claudia) now planted out and netted to keep the pesky pigeons off.
Probably last visit before Christmas. Have a great time everyone.