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Week 16 of the growing season. The seeds are …

Week 16 of the growing season.

The seeds are fine, it’s just too freaking dry! Over concerns about the awful germination rates (as in, like, next to nothing growing in the last few weeks) I worried that the shed became so hot as to cook the seeds. Nope, the seeds are fine. Frustratingly I cannot water the plot any more than I am currently, and I anticipate that efforts to mechanise the watering (sprinklers and a timer) would annoy people. This drought is unusual, but unusual is increasingly occuring. I am now turning to design to help provide shade to hopefully reduce evaporation next year. Shade cloth is one option, but costly. Currently I am thinking of growing new potatoes, winter squash or basil as a yield producing shade provider.

No salad harvest this week due to poor germination, but the transplants are taking names and kicking ass at the moment. 50 x 50g baby courgettes, and 15 x 50g cucumbers (50g per week seems to be the average gain from flower to fruit over that time), and 250g of dill. £9 from the salad stall, best week yet! I think there is a magnetism provided by crop diversity when it comes to the stall. Restaurants and catering is totally the way to go for bulk (specialised) salad growing income, but for the low hanging fruit of an (unstaffed) honesty stall – diversity is definitely the route. I feel, for now, that aiming for diversity and getting a solid base of a few hundred pounds a year will be more context appropriate than bulk restaurant greens. As a full time carer, a parent of small humans and a vehicle-less muggle, I just don’t see it happening in the next year alone. So, more species and more transplants next year I feel!

A scattering of onions. #onions #allium #ui #h…

A scattering of onions.
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Courgettes and cucumbers, with 1 weeks worth o…

Courgettes and cucumbers, with 1 weeks worth of growing time from flowering. The average is about 50g weight per fruit, with courgettes making about 8 fruits each plant, and cucumbers making about 0.8 fruits per plant. The cucumber plants had way higher survivability than the courgettes, and they taste nicer, but they are (so far) only 10% as productive as courgette plants.
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‘Allo Marsh Mallow. . #plantmedicine #he…

‘Allo Marsh Mallow.
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The wineberry patch is starting to look pretty…

The wineberry patch is starting to look pretty good. These fantastically weird rubus berries (raspberry, blackberry etc) are hidden inside the sort of lantern like covering until they start to ripen. They taste like slightly sharp and tropical raspberries, a little like a physalis (cape gooseberry). If enough survive the kids I might try and test their namesake and brew them into wine 🍷
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Week 15. Holy leafbeet and curcurbits (Batman…

Week 15.

Holy leafbeet and curcurbits (Batman)! The summer leafbeet (bulls blood beetroot leaves) is in for the salad mix, and the first proper cucumber and courgette harvest too this week. The older courgettes are showing signs of blossom end rot, so I am picking them when they are thumb sized just in case. Cherry tomatoes soon, and even some signs of sweet peppers on the way!

However, definite problems on the horizon. Something is negatively impacting germination/survival of basically everything I have been planting recently. This is most likely to be from the heat and lack of rain lately, and even watering daily just isn’t consistently keeping the soil moist. It also occurred to me that my seeds may have been compromised – it gets so hot in the south facing shed that the seeds may have cooked (maybe?). So I have brought some back and planted a little tray just to see if they will actually germinate still. Thankfully, everything (trans)planted before the heatwave is doing brilliantly, so I’ll at least have that going on.

700g of salad mix (80/20 mixed lettuce and leafbeet, for now), 11 x cucumbers (100g each), 50 x courgettes (50g each), 55g dill and 25g of rubbish radishes. I feel like this summer is very unusual, but I do need to plan for unusual as it is becoming more the norm now (thanks myriad of socialogical and psychological choices that have resulted in climate change). I am considering, for next year, strategies like replacing one row (of five) in each bed with a shade crop (maybe new potatoes) in order to help the summer seedings along a bit. That, and learning how to summon a cloud like in Monkey (Journey to the West).

Two!!!! Two pomegranates! They’re tiny, …

Two!!!! Two pomegranates! They’re tiny, but they’re there!!!
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So many! Time to start harvesting them small. …

So many! Time to start harvesting them small.

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First proper cucumber and courgette haul of th…

First proper cucumber and courgette haul of the year 🙂 I have kept them as a modest size as I am noticing signs of blossom end rot, and I’d rather not risk leaving them out in the open too long. Including the ones we’ve been snacking on up at the plot, that’s a good 12 cucumbers and about 50 baby courgettes, hopefully every week (maybe every other week), from about 8 courgette plants and about 16 cucumber plants.
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Flowering thyme, chamomile and saint John&rsqu…

Flowering thyme, chamomile and saint John’s wort. We use a lot of thyme in the kitchen, and medicinally it is seemingly effective in helping with persistent coughs and a heavy chest. Chamomile and saint John’s wort are great mood lifters, helping with healing both inside and out. WebMD is pretty useful for more information:
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