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Jerusalem artichoke in flower, and probably pr…

Jerusalem artichoke in flower, and probably producing more tubers than we can imagine. So if anybody has a great recipe…
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Week 25 of the 2018 growing season.

With some help from these two ninjas, this week we picked 3kg of really good cucumbers, 2.5kg of pretty split tomatoes, 1kg of a few big courgettes, and about 300g each of salad mix, radish, beetroot and beans, with a good 600g of sweet peppers. £4 in from the Sunday salad stall.

I’m hoping for harvests all the way to Halloween, but I am getting suspicious of how much longer some of the plants can handle. Otherwise, lots of weeding and tucking in for the year going on now. I’m not aiming for over winter harvests (just a bit easier that way) so I can start to tarp over the empty beds ready for next year now. Last orders before we close up, Plot.


Week 24.

A mix of calm and storm. Serene and autumnal family time but then also an avalanche of last minute flustering for school/pre-school. But! The prospect of freedom for more labour hours for projects is very welcome.

3kg of great cucumbers, 3kg of impressive but mostly oversized (for my purposes) courgettes and 1.8kg tomatoes (still with loads of splitting, I need to get a proper cherry variety next year). I am also still getting a few radishes (400g), peppers (400g), green and runner beans (200g), and salad mix (200g). However, all the plants are looking a bit worn now, and I’ve planted the salad mix in the wicking boxes too close together so they are a nightmare to sort through – lots of stuck on brown bits, and with heavy weed pressure. £7 in from the salad stall, and the foot traffic along the road has picked up now that it’s more or less term time again.

I’ve been dabbling with next year’s planting schedule as well, and I am eliminating brassica family crops (turnip, radish, kale etc), and filling the gap with more consistency and with spring/green onions. The brassicas just seem to give me a hard time on this site, from both the chalky alkaline soil and from moth invasions. I am, however, inching ever closer to an idiot proof planting schedule. Well, at least resistant to “this” idiot.


Week 23.

The summer holidays are coming to an end, and summer too for that matter. The Super Smash Bros and I spent a good few days up the allotment this week, picking fruit and planting for next year. I swapped out the bed of liquorice plants in the forest garden plot in favour of a bed of lavender, as the liquorice was just not really performing. We also planted beds of crocosmia, tulip, daffodil and flowering alliums in the new perennial cut flower garden, which is just waiting on some agapanthus, day lily and scented roses now.

Bringing it on back to vegetable-ville, 3.6kg of tomatoes, 2kg cucumbers, 1.1kg courgettes, and about half a kilogramme of salad leaves from 2 of the wicking boxes. I’m getting a bit overrun with produce as the salad stall hasn’t really been performing either, and I’m already hurling fresh bags at every visitor anyway. Worst case: new compost material that will feed next year’s plants.

Radish pods! We’ve let a few of our radi…

Radish pods! We’ve let a few of our radishes flower, so they would form these lovely crispy pods. Excellent in a pickle, salad, or just as a snack.
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Courgettes and cucumbers, with 1 weeks worth o…

Courgettes and cucumbers, with 1 weeks worth of growing time from flowering. The average is about 50g weight per fruit, with courgettes making about 8 fruits each plant, and cucumbers making about 0.8 fruits per plant. The cucumber plants had way higher survivability than the courgettes, and they taste nicer, but they are (so far) only 10% as productive as courgette plants.
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An early harvest for tonight’s dinner. T…

An early harvest for tonight’s dinner. Thanks, allotment. All I got for you was animal poop.
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We think it isn’t proper summer without …

We think it isn’t proper summer without an abundance of zucchini. Who’s with us?
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To quote Homer Simpson: “Now we play the waiti…

To quote Homer Simpson: “Now we play the waiting game… Oh, the waiting game sucks, let’s play hungry hungry hippos”.

Thinning the appletree. It seems such a waste,…

Thinning the appletree. It seems such a waste, even though we know it will make way for bigger apples. These tiny apples are destined to become compost.
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